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Founded in 2011


About studio

In 2011 we've set a goal to ourselves to produce world-class imagery, animations and interactive 3D experiences for architects, developers, investors and marketers around the globe.

To achieve this goal during the past 6 years we gathered a team of professionals with in-depth experience in architecture, design and marketing fields, accomplished several hundred projects and gained customer's trust.

We all share a great interest in modern architecture and cutting edge technology. What we don't like is compromise. So we've set very high bar for ourselves in both technical and customer service aspects.

Let's work together!

Our team

Ivan Savenko

Ivan received master's degree in architecture and city planning. He found both of his passions at the intersection of technology and design – in computer graphics and architecture. During education and later he worked as architect, CG artist and director of marketing before founding his own venture.

Lena Varlamova
Project Manager

Lena is a virtuoso of project management. She's in charge for making things go smooth and predictable, as well as making sure our final images and animations correspond with our highest quality standards.

Vadim Polyakov
3D Artist

Vadim studied economical cybernetics and worked in banking field, but in 2011 he got very interested in 3D graphics and made his way to become professional 3D artist. When not in front of a computer, he spends his time in a power gym or watching football.

Alexandra Lukyanova
Concept/3D Artist

Alexandra’s journey to 3D started with oil painting and interior design. She’s most interested in concepts, character animation, motion design and other fields where she can dive into a complex project and find the most beautiful graphic solution.

Alex Smirnov
3D Artist

Architect with a master's degree and professional 3D visualizer with a great eye for light and details. Alexander never stops to improve his skills and never considered to compromise on quality.

Denis Poryaz
3D Artist

Denis has great skills in 3D modeling of complex things, as well as animation and rendering. He's always open to new tech. More than that in spare time he creates real-life 3D models using CNC machining.

Vladimir Kozlov
3D Artist

Vladimir studied international economy, worked in a sound recording studio and in film production. He plays piano and writes electronic music. His main passions in a priory order are 3D graphics, music and mountain biking.