Cubic Meter | Architectural 3D animation


Founded in 2011



In 2011 we've set a goal to ourselves to produce world-class imagery, animations and interactive 3D experiences for architects, developers, investors and marketers around the globe.

To achieve this goal during the past 7 years we gathered a team of professionals with in-depth experience in architecture, design and marketing fields, accomplished several hundred projects and gained customer's trust.

We all share a great interest in modern architecture and cutting edge technology. What we don't like is compromise. So we've set very high bar for ourselves in both technical and customer service aspects.

Let's work together!


Founder / Director – Ivan Savenko

Projects Manager – Lena Varlamova

3D Artists – Denis Poryaz, Vadim Polyakov, Alexander Smirnov, Vladimir Kozlov, Alexander Belkov, Natalia Terentyeva, Vasiliy Zavyalov

 Geography of our clients

Geography of our clients


We highly value our clients' trust. Therefore we always bring a project to the stage where clients are fully satisfied with the result.

We work with:

  • Developers

  • Architectural firms

  • Construction companies

  • Advertising agencies

We have great relationships with clients around the globe, including USA, UK, Turkey, Mexico, Russia, China, Canada, Netherlands, Norway, Poland and more to come.

“We just delivered the animation video and all I can say is WOW! I am very impressed with your work and our client loved it. Its great to know that we have such a trusted partner to handle production and deliver a great product. Our clients are very happy with your work and so are we.”

“That turned out really nice! The animation, the lighting, everything! We’re really thankful we were able to find you. We’re looking forward to sending more projects your way.”

“Our work history with Cubic Meter can be considered long lasting and productive.

I'd like to mention good taste of 3D artists and designers, streamlined communication, high-quality presentations and attention for every little detail. To consider wishes of our large team, to hit right on target, sometimes before the deadline, to give more than we expect, to provide great quality for the money — those are probably main factors of our productive cooperation.

Special thanks to Ivan for his patience, hard work, involvement in the process and responsibility.”

Our search for a 3D partner meant finding an expert in visualization who would be responsive to our needs while sensitive to deadlines and budgets. Ivan and his team have exceeded our expectations every step of the way. We would not hesitate to recommend Cubic Meter!