G Hub Residence

G Hub – residential and retail development in Istanbul, Turkey by Mar Yapı. At MIII we created a set of high-quality 3D visualizations and promotional CG video for the project.

Due to location near the former place of one of the busiest airports in the world (which was moved out of the city now) we decided to highlight this theme of a ‘hub’ in a couple of shots. Also it was crucial to convey a quality of life the project provides so we spent a lot of time compositing chroma-key people into the shots and making sure we have covered all of the amenities.

Client | Mar Yapi

Website | g-hub.com.tr

Location | Istanbul, Turkey


This time we decided to use Unreal Engine during a concept stage and present a more visually refined version of animatic to the client. Check out the making-of video.


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