Cubic Meter | Architectural 3D animation


Founded in 2011


About studio

In 2011 we've set a goal to ourselves to produce world-class imagery, animations and interactive 3D experiences for architects, developers, investors and marketers around the globe.

To achieve this goal during the past 7 years we gathered a team of professionals with in-depth experience in architecture, design and marketing fields, accomplished several hundred projects and gained customer's trust.

We all share a great interest in modern architecture and cutting edge technology. What we don't like is compromise. So we've set very high bar for ourselves in both technical and customer service aspects.

Let's work together!


Founder / Director – Ivan Savenko

Projects Manager – Lena Varlamova

3D Artists – Denis Poryaz, Vadim Polyakov, Alexander Smirnov, Vladimir Kozlov, Alexander Belkov, Natalia Terentyeva, Vasiliy Zavyalov